Some People Are Just Liars

And unfortunately you have to get to know them to know that

Sim i dhillon is the sort of cunt who will masturbate for someone for over 2 hours for the grand sum uof $40. A few days pass and I’m still not over the whole choosing to do that and blow off the person she says she loves. Lets not get it twisted either, I met Simi on Chaturbate. I have dated exotic dancers. I knew what the job asked of them and wasn’t expecting them to all of a sudden turn into nuns. It wasn’t at all about the masturbating for nearly nothing it was everything that surrounded it. Ghosting mid conversation to get on cam. Knowing I was watching but still choosing to ignore my messages. Straight up lying about seeing the messages then modifying the lie to not knowing it was serious.

There were basically 2 ways for me to take that:
1) She is absolutely insane and living in her own reality
2) She was using the most disrespectful and aggressive form of passive aggressive protest to assert some sort of dominance.

We never really resolved what happened that night. The entire discussion turned into me describe it as “whore like behavior”.

*update 08/28/21 – As of todays date the current count of people Simi slept with while in a relationship or in exchange for money or drugs is 18* Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post…

The wild thing is that as it turned out, Simi didn’t have a problem with calling someone a whore. She only had a problem when it was used to describe women. We actually had a talk where we agreed on the definition of whore. Then I used it to describe a man, and she agreed. Then I used it to describe a woman and I don’t know what happened i passed out after hearing the word patriarchy for the 8th time in one sentence.

So with that lingering we have another argument. She said she had a friend coming over and wasn’t going to talk to me because she had to get ready…for the friend who wasn’t going to be arriving in town for another 4 hours. She didn’t even give me a chance to respond back she just ghosted. I called and left her a message stating how I felt about being ghosted, that I’m noticing it become a trend, and i don’t approve. I reminder that she’s doing the thing she begged me to never do to her. I don’t hear from her again the rest of the night, or the next morning. So I leave her a message stating how I’m noticing some things that are rubbing me the wrong way and I don’t know if I can continue the relationship if this is how its going to be.

She calls me back hours later while I’m working and driving between client locations and just goes off on me. I could tell she was a little drunk but it was no excuse. She was also at the bus or train station – clearly at the bus or train station. She begins yelling at me about my messages saying that I was acting childish and that I need to grow up – and she was doing it with that sort of parent yelling at their kid in public at the grocery store but still trying to remained button up tone. I was driving and what I said couldn’t have been more reasonable and I couldn’t have said in a more respectable way so I hang up. When I was able to stop somewhere and speak about 5 minutes later I call her back. This time she’s clearly on a train or bus.

She immediately begins the yelling and after a couple of minutes I yell “Stop yelling at me!”. I then calmly say “This isnt a great way to have a conversation how about we speak to each other as if we respect one another.” Her response, which is fucking classic because it happens again in an even more ironic way later, is, “You have anger problems.” She hangs up.

She ghosts me again for I think the rest of the day. We speak again that evening and somewhat smooth things over. So I ask her how her night was.

…Now I dont know if I mentioned this but I’m a child alcoholics, who comes from generation of generation of people who have dealt with substance abuse – including myself. My ability to read people is weirdly fine tuned and so is my bullshit detector. It’s more of a curse than a gift because sometimes you just want to believe the lie.

So when she begins to tell me about this hum-drum night at home where they just sat and had drinks and talked and oh nothing it was just a girls night in, my bullshit meter was just going off like London’s air raid sirens during the Blitzkrieg. I dont know if she was still drunk but clearly she forgot that she called me all dressed up from the train station and on the train on her way home from wherever she was. There was nothing about what she said or how she said it that rang true. What I was not able to pick up on until knowing her for a bit was her unfortunate (for her), but quite common tell when she begins to freestyle a bullshit story. It begins with her losing eye contact and staring off to the sites and her tone becoming somewhat pensive or thoughtful, with intermittent studdering, and momentary blinks of eye contact to ensure you’re buying what she said or if she thinks she’s thrown in something that will make it more believable. She basically lies like a child.

Heres an example. If you dont know Simi then It’s understandable that you would be fooled by this act. But, if you do know her then chances are you know how hilariously far from the truth this yarn of bullshit has been spun.

Quick facts:

  1. Simi hates kids its and she’ll let you know whenever she gets the chance and even joke about having aborted a few.
  2. She was never called on to watch her younger cousins. In fact, not only were the cousins/aunts/uncles tasked with coming to her home to watch her and keep her on task instead of engaging in her habit of getting into online relationships with older men she met on the game The Sims, but I don’t even think she has any younger cousins.
  3. Pedagogy of theOohhhhhhgodreally? So this book reference and everything she said about teaching is straight from the mouth and lived experience of one of the best friends who got tired of her bullshit and cut her off. She never read it. She never considered teaching.
Back to the story…

Despite knowing she was lying I didn’t really have anything but my intuition to rely on so I decided its entirely possible I’m totally wrong and I let it be. Never said a word about it. I never mentioned the obvious train station or anything. About 5 months later when the shit hit the fan I found out that she had no such night out with that friend. And the reason she didn’t want to talk is because she was busy doing cocaine. From what I can gather she went and hooked up with “Tom”. How do I know? Well we’ll get to that later…


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