Simi Dhillon Will Sell You Out

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It’s as if she went to the Satan Day School for Adults and got her certificate in Betrayal. If back stabbing was a vocation she would be master tradesman

If you recall Simi Dhillon has no problem putting peoples life or freedom on the line (because she’s a cunt). Have you ever seen those corny rap battles where people just threaten each others lives in increasingly less plausible ways with no beat? Thats Simi Dhillon (a cunt) but with lies and dont for a second think that if you’re maybe her best friend of 15 years, or even say her brother, she wont stab you directly between your shoulder blades. Actually, I don’t have to warn any of those people because they are already well aware.

Lets take her brother for example. If you don’t know about the suicide situation, read up on it here. After that entire ordeal we were still talking…Then the day before my birthday she just flips out for no reason. No this isn’t one of those “well what did you do?” situations. Simi would in an instant for no reason just turn into a monster. It happened a few times before and it was one of the more frustrating and concerning things that happened in our relationship.

So, given everything that happened it was just another sign that she was going to crash and burn. It was finally at this point becoming clear to me that despite my best efforts this wasn’t going to go anywhere. I wasn’t going to keep putting up with the shit she was doing. She just was not worth it. Nobody is. She doesn’t care about herself there’s no possible way she can care about anyone else.

I should have just cut bait and blocked her everywhere. But, from the state she was in and just how far I knew she was willing to go just to get some attention, I decided I needed to tell someone who was close to her that could get her help. All of the other times something like this came up she said her brother. Anyone else, as she said, would result in an honor killing (she was of course making it all up). So thats who I contacted.

I sent him a link to my webserver of a screenshot of some of the things she was saying and amongst those images was an ad I created for her chaturbate page, which didn’t show any nudity at all, but he wasn’t aware she cammed so it was jarring and I understand that. We were still able to have a conversation about someone we both cared about and he thanked me for talking to him and said he would check on her.

Fast forward another day and Simi contacts me and, well…lets just check out some of the video (reminder: i began recording all of our conversations after the first police call).

That’s right she totally denied everything to her brother. She told him that she had no idea who I was. That I was just someone from the internet who was out to ruin her life.

She gets so deep into her role of innocent victim she forgets who she’s speaking and has the temerity to say to me that she doesn’t do hard drugs anymore…with such a dedication to the land of make believe it makes you wonder how her film career crashed and burned immediately after tak off. Oh yeah that’s right my UK readers if you haven’t noticed she is the costar of PREMature. She plays Suhina. I’m going to guess the failure has something to do with cocaine and prostitution though. But what do I know i’m just a rando from the internet.

So, having both totally sold me out to her brother, and just before selling out her brother (in the same way she sold out her friends earlier) they come up with a plan to stop this internet crazy who just out of the blue decided to come after Simi Dhillon, the cunt. You’re probably already thinking what they do next. I mean its the most obvious step you would take if you seriously feel like you’re in danger or being harassed…thats right they call my fucking job to try and have me fired.

So let’s do a quick recap of the happenings thus far:

People Sacrificed: 1 Boyfriend, 2 life long best friends, 1 brother
False Police Reports: 1
False Reports to Boyfriends HR department: 1
Fake Suicides for Sympathy: 1
Men cheated on With: 8
Apologies: -3

If you add all those numbers up and the sum is great than 0 then chances are you’re a cunt. As you can see Simi Dhillon is on track to be one of the greatest cunts of the decade.

I say negative 3 apologies because she did things like this:

So my HR rep ended up calling her back or sending an email saying that they understand how she might be scared but if I was really causing any harm they wanted to know and they would be discreet and do everything they can to help. She told me she was going to reply back stating the truth…which as she told it was it was her brothers idea and that she was sorry. That of course is just another lie and she of course never did that. Thankfully this was one of the moments I’m so goddamn thankful I was recording everything.


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