Simi Dhillon is a Cokehead

She’s also a crackhead too, lets not sell her short.

Simi Dhillon (who I remind you is a cunt) doesn’t do drugs anymore. She doesn’t drink and she doesn’t do drugs. Nevermind the fact that she’ll stay up for days at a time. Will randomly have the most insane case of the sniffles at any given moment. Literally sells herself for small amounts of cocaine, and all the other addict attributes she cant help but display.



I will let the video speak for itself but let me offer a few pointers for those not experienced in these sorts of extracurricular activities. The most obvious thing is the lock jaw. Then there’s sniffles she seems to have randomly from one day to the next…in the summer. You may also notice the leaning over at an angle that might suggest a certain facial position and then coming back rubbing her nose. You might imagine thats weed she’s smoking right? Well then why is she hiding it? She’s never hidden it before? Is that a weed cloud exhale? Maybe for a toddler? No thats more of a thin cloud you get (along with the lock jaw) from smoking rock.

It should be beyond clear by now that Simi Dhillon who is a cunt is also a coke whore. I can stop beating around the bush right? No matter what she may or may not tell anyone including her brother who is either the most ride or die brother of all time, or the most gullible, these are the facts. You can either come to terms with it and deal with her accordingly like her 2 best friends (remember when they gave her the ultimatum and said she had been lying…yeah it was about this and selling herself) or don’t be surprised when she does some dope fiend shit to you (and she will ask literally anybody she’s had a relationship with. Platonic or otherwise).

Ask her how Uni went. Ask her why she had to turn in all those things? Ask here if she finished as she was supposedly given the opportunity to this year? If not why?


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