I dont know how to title this. Worst 2 week period in recent memory?

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  • * Simi Dhillon, who is a cunt, fresh off of ghosting me after my grandmother died, calls me for god knows why. In the conversation she tells me too bad so sad, not my problem when I mention my grandmother
  • She has to move because her best friends move out because they came to terms with how much of a cunt Simi Dhillon is. From what I can gather from what I’ve been told by those in that circle is that this was a final straw after numerous events cause directly by Simi. They gave her an ultimatum of sobering up, no longer camming, and to be honest for once. Guess which one Simi chose?
  • Even though she had an entire month to get the move done, as it turns out she’s actually a cunt and waited until the day before. Due to some mix up, she was also going to have a day where she had no place to stay because she had to be out of the flat, and the new one wasnt available. Because im what you might call a moron and still cared for her, I went ahead and got her both a hotel room for the night and paid for some movers.
  • Because Simi Dhillon is loyal to team cunt she proceeds to run the most awesome cunt play of all time (actually, she tops herself you’ll see soon) wherein she loses her shit on me for not asking her ahead of time. Yes you read that right. She yells at me for resolving the issue she was calling me about in a panic. I understand sometimes people may vent to you and they are not asking you to fix their situation, but this was out of hand.

    (I should point out that this exactly 24 hours after we were in a video call and I couldn’t see her so I asked her to move her camera. This is her streaming setup that she uses for work everyday. Simi Dhillon, the cunt, actually told me that it doesn’t move. I look at her incredulously and grab my webcam – the same exact one she has – and move it around. She hangs up on me and doesn’t call me until the next day. She told me “I forgot it moved.” You forgot that the webcam that you use and move everyday moved? Did you forget immediately after i demonstrated to you that it moved? Did you forget that you were talking to supposedly your boyfriend and there’s no excuse for the shit you were pulling? I get it – it happens.)
  • Simi Dhillon, who you might have heard is a cunt then proceeded to pay for a room at the same hotel I paid for and supposedly a mover. She couldn’t really afford either.
  • I say supposedly a mover because it was actually most likely her ex boyfriend. I(t would explain why as soon as he showed up she could no longer speak to me until 2am the next morning. It would also explain what happens next:
simi dhillon a cunt
simi dhillon is a cunt
(If you were to bring up the fact that she’s clearly fueled by resentments and has issues with keeping friendships there will be hell to pay )
  • Fastforward another week and the same thing happens where she’s just blowing me off. We’re talking after her show and she proceeds to tell me how she’s thinking about her ex and i respectfully say I really don’t feel comfortable talking about her ex right now. She hangs up the call. I don’t hear from her for 4 days. On the 5th day I begin calling. I call a bunch of times it just runs and rings and rings.

    Another week goes by
  • She calls me at 7AM as im getting ready for work. She is noticeably fucked up. Not just fucked up but used up. Drunk. On coke. I settle in for the ride and oh boy what a ride it was. She just goes in on me telling me how much she hates me. Doing it with a sly i have a secret just wait smile on her face too. Finally the secret comes out. She’s been just fuckin’ away. She tells me she fucked two guys. I later find out thats not the whole truth. The truth is immediately after she hung up with me she called her ex boyfriend over and fucked him….for 4 days. He did not leave. When I called? They were just laughing and mocking me. How do I know this you ask? Oh she told me. But wait theres more. As soon as he left she calls her dealer over (probably the “homeless” Tom) and asks him for weed….and coke. He doesnt have any but he does have K. No problem for Simi. Simi doesn’t have cash but she does have a pussy and 2 other holes. Not a problem for Tom.
  • I told Simi Dhillon (a cunt) that she’s honestly acting insane and I’m worried and if she’s going to continue calling me like this im going to have to let her family know to get her help
  • She hangs up, and calls me back a couple hours later.


  • Im not going to go into the insane panic that I found myself in trying to call another country to get this asshole help. Any human being with a goddamn soull already knows. I will say however that nobody knew where she lived because she no longer had friends…they didnt even know she moved. I didn’t have her parents info so I couldn’t call them. NHS was helping as much as they could. I even ended up calling the embassy. During that call I get a video call from Simi
  • She’s on a train saying that I ruined her life. That what I told her mother destroyed her and she would never be the same. She then hung up.
    …To this day I have never spoken to her mother. How about you just pretending to commit suicide? And why are you on the train dressed like you are going to a club at 11 at night during a pandemic lockdown?
  • I dont hear from her for another week. When I do hear from her I find out why she was on the train.

    SPOILER: its for 100% cunty reasons

When she told me what she did I asked her to show me the messages – I dont know why but I do know I didnt expect her to show me anything. I could tell from what she did show me that it wasn’t all of them, and how she was clearly picking and choosing which ones to screenshot and send. So 90% of these I got myself (dont ask) and here are some of them (also I want to point out she only admitted to 2 meets and specifically noted that the 3-some was just 1 guy). This is less than half of the message, and I am choosing not to post the more graphic ones (there may be some duplicates in there I wasnt paying attention when i pulled them from backup).

  • Immediately after the dealer left, she then gets on hinge and starts trolling for Cocaine in exchaneg for pussy. She hooks up with a guy or two (or three).
  • After the last guy she stumbles home and this is when she calls the first time.
  • She gets on hinge an sets up a few more meets for a pussy/cocaine exchange.
  • After setting up meets for multiple days she calls me to do her fake suicide. After which she gets ready to go out for 2 more hinge meets. One of them a 3 some.

I still have nightmares watching her slice her arms thinking this woman is committing suicide and its because of me. There are days where apropos of nothing, just alone in my thoughts I flashback to her explaining what she had done. Her gleefully telling me she fucked 2 dudes, and then her going on to fuck more and tell me half of the truth about it. To be clear it has nothing to do with her fucking a bunch of people. That’s not important to me at all. What is important and incredibly depressing is that Simi wanted to hurt me even more after the fake suicide attempt. I would have to assume that she thought she was sacrificing herself to these men for that cause. That means she also has a low opinion of what she was doing. That she was so willing to lower herself, and put herself in some potentially very dangerous situations during a goddamn pandemic is soul destroying. In one of the messages between her and the last dude she fucked he asks her for her interest or something and she goes on a long jag about dubstep and the dude replies back with something like ‘cool story so we fuckin or what?’. And how she told me that before she went out on the 2nd and 3rd ones she called her ex to let him know she was going off on her missions he simply said Ok have fun. When I interceded and asked if he tried to stop her why did he let you go out and do that high off your face and drunk you could see slowly realize why.

I get angry. I get sad. I get more angry and more sad. I get angry that she thought to do this to and was using me as an excuse. I get angry that she thought to do this to herself to spite me. I get sad at some of the messages I didnt include. Like the one with the final guy that she fucked where she’s going on for paragraphs about her likes and dislikes and how much she loves dubstep and he replies with 1 word answers because he doesn’t give a fuck about her or what she likes. But that one wdccord response and the knowledge he has coke that he’s willing to fuck her for is all she needs to keep talking like its a first date.

I have the video of her talking me through what happened. She’s tearful and crying and it really is her best performance. Thats exactly what it was too a performance. She purposely only told me about 10% of the truth. She made it about her sadness about what she had done. No apology to me, no taking responsibility. It was the booze. She just cant have it any longer ya know. It wasn’t her putting herself at risk just to hurt me. It wasnt Simi Dhillon revealing how dark of a person she is and how far she is willing to go in order to make you feel bad. But, if you were to talk to any of the friends she’s burned they would all tell you, as they told me, “That’s Simi”.

Heres a video of her totally diminishing her fake suicide. It was no big deal people do this all the time. Im sure you remember your first fake suicide right? With the knife…and the bleeding…and the assertions that its the person you’re doing it in front of fault?


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