A Simi Dhillon Moment

From a pure comedy perspective the rate, consistency, and context in which these occur are hilarious. But if I’m looking at it from a compassionate angle it’s a depressing glimpse at someone yearning to be taken seriously yet lacking any level of self or situational awareness.

I didn’t really take note of these happenings until i got the messages Simi sent on Hinge which will be detailed in a post very soon (and thats the post you dont want to miss). In short she’s making small talk with one of the gentleman she’s arranged to meet and fuck in exchange for cocaine. He’s ask a very basic “what are you in to?” sort of question and it was clearly meant in terms of sex but since Simi is already high as fuck, her “oh he wants too know about me” alarm goes off and she goes on an incredibly awkward and rambling long jag about dubstep (again…high as fuck) and how it started, how she found it etc. He completely ignores her 8 paragraphs and literally says something like “anyway, so you have nice tits?”.

From that moment on I haven’t been able to not immediately notice when it happens. I’m allowing myself to enjoy the comedy of it these days and so should you.


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