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When I first began writing this site, back in its previous version on wordpress i did not have the best intentions. Surprising I know, a man has his feelings hurt by a woman and lashes out by trying to discredit her in any way he can. Then I wrote the first post and I saved it as a draft and read it. It read like someone who is clearly pissed off but trying to keep it together for the time being. So I took a day and thought about the relationship. I took special care to try and be as unbiased about both of our actions. Then I rewrote it and then rewrote it and then I rewrote it. Each time I went through the thought/rewrite process I felt better at the end. As i connected the dots I was able to let go of some of the anger by either accepting my part in it, releasing the guilt I had thinking something was my fault when I was being lied to the entire time, or in very (very very very) rare cases forgiving forgiving Simi Dhillon (a cunt) for being who she is. Then of course there were the scorpion and the frog moments where I had to blame myself for knowing what I was dealing with but still putting myself in a vulnerable situation.

One of the other stated purposes of this site was to help any of you out there from falling victim to Simi Dhillon (a cunt) specifically or someone like her (whether it be a man or a woman). I dont advertise this site its simply out there and its found its audience. I dont think “happy ” is the right word to describe how I feel about having readers but I think you know what I’m trying to say. I never really expected anyone that knows Simi Dhillon (a cunt) to read this but as it turns out there are several of you out there. Many of you have contacted me share your stories relieved to finally find out you weren’t the problem. Some of you unfortunately learned that it was worse than you thought.

I’m currently in the process of documenting these things while responsibly editing and changing names and locations to post on the site. I thought this would be something where I wrote my piece over the course of a couple of weeks and left it out in the world to be stumbled upon. But it appears this might be something thats updated as needed. With that said I would like to encourage anyone who has details out there that they want to share to please do so. Keep in mind this isnt meant to bash Simi Dhillon even if she is a cunt so don’t exaggerate and nothing mean spirited. I will do my best to verify all claims (as limited as my resources to do so are…but I try).


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