100% Sober. If You Don’t Count The Drugs.

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Anyone that’s grown up in an alcoholic household or has had to live with an alcoholic for a significant amount time will understand this deeply

Simi Dhillon has a problem. I don’t know if it’s getting worse. I have no idea if this isn’t so bad. The only information I have regarding her substance abuse problem is from Simi herself so it can only be trusted as a hint towards the actual truth. I know she was kicked out of school because she never made it class. She was too busy exchanging sex for ecstasy (again these are her words). She also tried to be an escort for a while but she somehow kept forgetting to get the money upfront and as soon as the dudes finished they would kick her out. Again – her words, not mine.

When did I notice a problem? It began with with the appearance of Tom, a homeless young boy, about her age, that she helped out from time to time with cash – as she told it. He would just pop up and all of a sudden she had to go to the ATM to help him with cash because something disastrous was about to happen. Whenever he called she came running no matter what time of the day or night.

I guess I can believe that Simi Dhillon (a cunt) had a hitherto unseen altruistic side that she kept on reserve for one lucky individual.

I guess…except It was hard to not take note that whenever Tom came knocking or calling she had to drop whatever she was doing no matter what it was. It was curious that whenever she just had to run down to the ATM and would be back in a few minutes it always turned into a few hours. It was down right disturbing that when she heard that knock or phone call her mood shot up 10 levels and when she did finally return her mood was even more elevated, a long the speed at which she spoke, the amount she spoke, her movements, it was all quite sped up.

The last time this “Tom” came around was in retrospect, the moment Simi Dhillon broke bad. Simi was slightly anxious from what I recall on this day but she said she was fine. Every addict waiting for their connect to hit them back knows this feeling. Towards the end of the day there’s a knock at the door. Guess who? As usual Simi now has a mission to get Tom 20 quid because if not something blah blah blah his mom blah blah blah. Simi says she’ll be back in half an hour. Over 4 hours later she returns. Well a version of her returns:

It’s so bad that you dont need a side by side comparison she’s clearly on one.

So the truth of the matter is that Tom was her weed/ketamine/cocaine dealer. He sounds like a pleasant guy too. He really is about his customer service. If you don’t have cash noooooooo probleeeeeeeeeeeem. Do you have a pussy? He’ll make a deal.

Simi Dhillon never had cash.


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  1. Twm says:

    Well you sound like an interesting person. All very other worldly to me but hey SIMIDHILLON seems like a fun whore. Nothing untoward you understand but if she ever did want to spend time with a rather ordinary fella and have a drink, food or just hang out, that would be great. If not, hey nothing ventured, nothing gained 😂

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